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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

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Use Acrobat to create high-impact PDF communications, collaborate more easily, and streamline reviews. Acrobat Dynamic PDF helps you get more done -- easier, faster, better.
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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro's Review

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There's a reason Adobe is almost synonymous with PDFs.

When it comes to document creation PDFs have a special place for usefulness, permanency, and preservation of format. With a new interface and a whole host of extra features, Adobe Acrobat  Professional is a welcome addition.

The new interface is a minimalist integrated menu and toolbar, with extra functions accessed from a Tools pane, keeping everything smooth, clean and tidy. Overall it is quite intuitive and easy to use, but it can take some getting used to and could benefit from a search bar or some other method of finding tools.

New features include the ability to automatically extract data from PDF forms and send it to Excel and improvements in gathering of information from PDFs for use in Word documents. The Optical Character Reading abilities of the program are improved on previous versions, but still not quite at the level of some other products on the market. With new automation features you can group tasks together to be run after just a few clicks, perfect for busy offices.

Pro's: The new interface is minimalist and intuitive and certainly necessary. New features and tools such as data export to Excel from forms are useful.

Con's: A way to find tools could be helpful. The OCR function while improved lags behind other programs.

Conclusion: A much-welcome update to the market leader in PDF creation and editing. The new interface brings it into the modern age while the extra features allow for greater ease of use.

Editor: Marius Amariei

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

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